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A perfect strategy and a regular planning provide a better business, especially to vacation rentals during seasons.Therefore, we need to create a complete strategy and planning for upcoming seasons and vacations so that we can focus on the customers as well as our business.

 It is a process of vacation rental business, it always increases your progress, sales, and leads. Such a process and progress always boost our confidence.
 Here, I am going to mention some significant titles for the vacation rental websites.

Let’s check properly if you are into this list or not.

1. Have A Modern Website Design And Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Presently, in the 21st century, people focus on designs and lookout. So, we need to present our website with such beautiful designs so that it could attract customers.

Your first priority should be to create a mobile-friendly website which is the most important asset of your vacation rental business. In other words, we should use a responsive and dynamic website because Customers can open your website in any device like desktop, tablet, mobile devices, etc. If your website is not responsive then the content will overflow on each other and show inaccurately on every device.

There are many vacation rental options like Lodgify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.

But the original experience you can go with Lodgify with minimum budget. If you have a good budget for your business and website then I will always prefer a WordPress website for vacation rental.

2. Translate Your Website Into Different Languages

A confusion always stay that into how many languages you should translate your website?

I will recommend you 3 categories of languages. In the first category, you can use the top 3 languages which are English, Russian and Chinese. The second category is of the top 5 languages which include English, Spanish, Russian, French and Chinese and the third category includes top 7 languages that are English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

You should use google translator always as it is the #1 language translating tool on the internet.

Besides Google, I suggest you to also use other translators, and then compare the translations of Google to the translations of other translators. If both translations are similar then do it live on the website, otherwise try to change some adverbs, models, words, and punctuation in your sentence or hire an expert to do it.

3. High Definition Pictures Of Your Property

See the below picture, and tell me what comes in your mind?

I’m sure you are thinking that WOW! it’s a beautiful, HQ and accurate picture. Moreover, dull and inaccurate picture quality can decrease the chances to attract the customers which directly affects your sales revenue.

So, always capture minimum 4k high quality and high definition pictures. it will increase and boost your bookings and sales.

One more thing I will suggest, that always Capture the accurate pictures in the landscape mode because it covers the maximum area of the property or a particular place and it also looks fine on the website.

4. 360 Virtual Tour Or A Video Of Your Property

Google will enable your chance to increase and show your visibility on local searches, which are always important. Google uses many behavioral signals to check what searches can show a better view and we always know that a 360 virtual is fit for it.

It makes your website more interactive for visitors. If a 360 virtual video is not in your budget then a High-quality video will be very helpful for your website.

As per the quality purpose, I will recommend you to use both 360 virtual and a video for your property.

Rather than pictures, the videos and 360 virtual can easily show the property interiors to the visitors.

5. Offer Competitive Prices For Each Night Stay

Today, there is high competition in business.

If you have multiple properties on your website and your competitor has a single property, in that case, it is possible that your competitor can get more bookings by just decreasing the prices.

Every customer, who is going for vacations will always prefer top quality vacation rentals in minimum prices or we can say competitive prices.

That’s why first you should analyze your local competitors and check what prices and quality they are using. After a complete analysis finalize the best prices for your every night stay.

6. Should Be Many Communication Sources

Communication should be very effective. I always focus on this point that, proper communication helps to build a good relationship between customers and the business owners or service providers.

Always use as much communication sources as possible.

Let me tell you what the top options to increase the leads are. There are many messengers and chat apps which can increase your sales.

Integrate a Location tracker Chat Box with every page tracking solution on your website.

Integrate ‘Facebook Messenger‘ on your website.

Integrate ‘WhatsApp Business‘ on your website.

With these apps also integrate the apps which is most popular in your country

7. Should Be The Best Nearby Tourists Places On The Website

If customers are coming for the first time in your city then they would like to visit the most beautiful and the top tourist places.

Therefore, you need to provide information about such places so that your visitors may attract to your property and place.

You should design and create multiple pages for Tourists Attraction, Parks(Theme or National Park), Beaches, Malls, Temples & Church, Romantic Space or Honeymoon Places.

8. Offer More Amenities

Amenities are the most successful asset for every rental stays, villas, and condo. It plays an important role in offering the best living rentals. It increases the chance to get leads and bookings.

Always try to offer more amenities to the customers so that they can feel comfortable like their Home.

9. Offer A Free Night

It is a magic point for all your marketing tactics. Plan something new and different for vacation rentals like this one.


Plan for offering a free night Like Book 5 Night and Get 1 Night Free Stay, Book Property or condo for 3 nights and get the 3rd night free, One Night Free Offer.

10. Run Promotion Offers And Activities

Always focus on the Customer Management system. Customer mostly seeks discounts so create some discounts for them.

Research some competitors and find their discount options, what discounts they are running and what maximum discounts you can give to your customers.

Offering free night stay is also part of promotional offers. Also, do some social and sports activities.

11. Offer Free Gifts

It is a very new tactic for Every Vacation Rental. Make some apparels, hats, bags which have printed website name and logo of your vacation rental property and give them to the customers as a free gift. It will surely increase your sales and visitors.

12. Into the Last, YES, You can Boost your Bookings

I am repeating again, I will write more posts and posts and you will also ready them. But you need to take some actions for your vacation rental businesses because it is a very tough and competitive market to grow as per the time.

You should design your website at least should integrate top communication platforms into your website so that customer can easily check and contact you.

That will really convert most of the website visitors to your customers.

There are also many options for increasing sales.

Do you have any queries or questions for any point and for your business? I am here to help you guys. Here you can Comment below all your queries.

Shubham Raj
Vacation Rental Specialist

SRK here. "Vacation Rental Specialist" since 2011. I make websites for Vacation Rentals, Holiday Homes, BnB(s), Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Homes, and Apartments. I have 10 years of experience on Lodgify, Uplisting, Ownerrez, PriceLabs, Lodgix, Guesty, Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, PorterApp, Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. I guide worldwide to Rental Owners for increasing Bookings and showing their own property and business to people worldwide on the Internet

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